Inigtan Lio Bamboo Cottages

Experience sustainable tranquility in El Nido, Palawan.​

Inigtan Lio Bamboo Cottages is a vacation rental business that offers unique and eco-friendly accommodations in Palawan, Philippines. The owners wanted to create a website that would showcase their property and attract more bookings from western tourists who are looking for a different and authentic experience in the island.

As a UI/UX designer, I was hired to design and develop a WordPress website that would meet their needs and goals. I worked closely with the owners to understand their vision, their target audience, and their value proposition. I also researched the best practices and trends in the hospitality industry, as well as the expectations and preferences of their potential guests.

Visual Design:

Based on my findings, I created a brand kit that included a color palette, typography, and other design elements that reflected the natural and rustic vibe of the cottages. I also developed a moodboard to guide the overall look and feel of the website.

UI/UX Design:

Next, I created a sitemap to organize the website’s content and structure. Each page would provide relevant and detailed information about the property and the local area, as well as clear calls to action to encourage visitors to book a stay or contact the owners.

Then, I created wireframes to sketch out the layout and appearance of each page. I followed the principles of visual hierarchy, alignment, contrast, and whitespace to create a clean and intuitive design. I also used photos, icons, testimonials, and social media feeds to add visual interest and credibility to the website.

To ensure that the website would be accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices, I also created wireframes for the mobile version of each page. I used a hamburger menu to save space and provide easy navigation. 

After that, I designed the UI mockups using Figma. I applied the brand kit and the moodboard to create a consistent and appealing design across all pages. I also used responsive design techniques to ensure that the website would look good and function well on different devices and screen sizes.

Finally, I developed the website using WordPress and Elementor. I handled the purchase of the domain and configured hosting for the website. I installed WordPress and set up the website according to the sitemap and the prototype. I tested the website for functionality and usability, and made any necessary fixes or adjustments.

Throughout the design process, I iterated and revised my work based on the feedback from the owners and my own evaluation. I also provided training on how to manage and update the website using WordPress. I provided ongoing support as needed after launching the website.